Hero Quest Group 1

Quest 1
The Trial

"You have learned well, my friends. Now has come the time of your first trial. You must first enter the catacombs which contain Fellmarg's Tomb.  You must seek out and destroy Verag, a foul Gargoyle who hides in the catacombs. This Quest is not easy and you must work together in order to survive. This is your first step on the road to becoming tru Heroes. Tread carefully my friends."


Welcome to the Hero Quest play by post game. Basically play by post allows us to take turns, and out time, and describe what each character is doing. Once you tell me what you are doing (movement, action, etc) then I will respond and tell you what, if anything, happens. Thankfully Hero Quest is pretty basic as far as RPG's go, so it will mostly be moving and fighting/searching.

When you are posting If you want to talk in character make sure you put anything you are going to say in italics. That way we can separate anything spoken from the things that are thought. Feel free to use your characters thoughts and feelings in your posts, the more you can flesh out what is going on for you the better this will go.

If you want to ask me something outside of the game start it with OOC: Out Of Character, again this will help break things up so we know what is being said and in which way. Once we get to combat I’ll give you a breakdown of how that is going to go also. So for an example…

Dumdass walks into the room and looks around, growling at what I see… the death of all the little mice puts him on edge, my hand goes to my frying pan, my only weapon.

Those stinking fart eaters will pay for what they’ve done. Hey guys, get a load of this crap!

OOC:What would I have to roll to have Dumbass attack all the dead mouse bodies?

Also, just so everyone is aware of the order and who is next, at the bottom of each post please add something like this…

[Up Next: Wizard][On Deck: Elf, Dwarf, Barbarian]

So we know who is next and the order of the rest of the group.


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